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Spa City Swingers
Spa City Swingers Dance Courses
Welcome to the Spa City Swingers Courses page!

Welcome to the Spa City Courses Page!

At Spa City Swingers we strive to make each class a personalized dance experience. This way we can ensure that each course you take with us will provide something fresh and new!

Monday Night Classes

  • Advanced Swing

    Advanced Swing

    7:30pm 8:30pm

    New Advanced Moves, Choreo Group Competitions, Jazz/Contemporary with Brittany Bush and MORE!!! (This class is INVITATION ONLY!)

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  • Troupe

    SCS Troupe

    8:30pm 9:30pm

    TROUPE!!!!!! (By INVITE ONLY!)

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326 Rowland Street Ballston Spa, New York 12020

Tuesday Night Classes

  • Partner Dancing

    Partner Dancing

    6:30pm 7:30pm

    Come on out and see how fun and easy it is. Check it out - Drop-Ins Welcome! Click on "Register" for all the class and registration info.

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  • Continuing Swing

    Continuing Swing

    7:30pm 8:30pm

    Learn NEW fun & exciting Swing Dance moves this summer! For intermediate to advanced dancers.

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Classes begin June 30th

The Malta Community Center

The Malta Community Center

1 Bayberry Drive Malta, NY 12020

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